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John Wawrzonek is quite credibly a polymath. His three diplomas from MIT cover electrical engineering, solid-state physics and psychoacoustics. Psychoacoustics comes from Professor Amar Bose being his faculty advisor which in turn led him to explore innovative mendoes of recording symphony orchestras, in this case the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood.

After graduation he become the third engineer of a nascent Bose Corporation, a development engineer for electrically driven vehicles for NASA, a loudspeaker designer and quality specialist and then while still at Bose he was asked to become Bose’s first product manager which encompassed marketing and adveertising.

The move into marketing apparently triggered a dormant desire to photograph the landscape, which he did using a 4x5 view camera. With the camera and associated gear he traveled for a short time in the western United States (including Alaska).

After nine years photography led to a half-time position.

Wawrzonek had begun printing his landscape photographs via the challenging dye transfer process which he did for 18 years. The .....described his work as..... In 2014 the Boston Globe, in reviewing an exhibit of his digital prints at Olin College as a "virtuoso" on a par with Art Tatum and Vladimir Horowitz (however characterizing the work of all three as too perfect to display at home).

Leaving Bose was prompted by Wawrzonek opening his own gallery with incorporated dye transfer lab in Worcester, Massachusetts. When Eastman Kodak discontinued making dye transfer materials Wawrzonek began evaluating early digital processes and caught the eye of the owners of a small California company called EverColor that had adapted the Belgium-made Agfa-Proof process to make prints of extraordinary permanence and image quality. Evercolor offered Wawrzonek the position of CEO) of Evercolor, which he accepted. Upon finding the process a bit more involved than he expected, with the cooperation of the investors who had founded Evercolor, Wawrzonek moved Evercolor to his space in Massachusetts, renaming it EverColor Fine Art.

While working to remedy the flaws in the process, Agfa ceased making the materials for Agfa-Proof (and also the materials for EverColor). At this point Wawrzonek began experimenting with various digital processes but found none that combined image quality, practically and longevity leaving Wawrzonek without an acceptable printing method for yearly ten years, until the introduction by Epson of large format digital printers utilizing pigmented inks. Wawrzonek began using the first of these printers in 2005.


Wawrzonek’s heritagre is all Polish with his four grandparents having emmigrated from a divided Poland. He lived in Central Falls, Rhode Island with his parents and younger sister in a duplex owned by his paternal grandfather after whom he is named. It ws his grandfather’s love of classical music that was the trigger for Wawrzonek's ... MIT






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