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III ~ The Iconic West

Searching: 1974 ~ 1977

Right or wrong, I embraced the idea that “go west, young man” meant as much for photography as it did for gold. The iconic images I knew were made in the west so I had to have a look.

I had a free ride to Salt Lake City (several times, via Las Vegas) and once to Japan with a stop in Anchorage. All were Bose business trips, but I took advantage of them to get a feel for the western landscape. Later I found I had missed the most important in not visiting Yosemite. But I did visit Canyonlands, Arches, Brice, Sedona, the Grand Canyon and New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Mexico with some good results.

However, the most significant outcome was learning that passing through was not how to photograph, and even a two week stay was just the beginning. I later had the experience several times while shooting from home that once in ten years in one location gave me the best image.

Below are a few of the images from these early trips. The photograph overlooking Canyon Lands happened after a long drive and a small sign indicicating I should make a sharp left turn. Another 100 feet and it was 1500' straight down. There were no guard rails.

Some have capations. Others were chromes that were in a box with just the label of a state.

JW DSC2293 5K

Sedona, Arizona, 1987


Canyonlands National Park, Utah circa 1978

JW 0016

Foxtail Grass, Anchorage, Alaska,1978 JW 0016

Cumulus skies, Southern Utah  2013
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