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Yes, Just Why?

Of all desperate words, “why” is the most desperate? And those that lead, those that stumble and rage, those that claim supereiority for any reason, the question why is too hard.

Scientists spend 50 years to detect gravity waves that Einstein said were too small to detect yet a man names Rainer Weiss of MIT posed the question and eventually there was success. Thousands of scientists, 300 just to write the paper that announced to the world an experiment so great that the Nobels were an immediate sure thing.

To a scientist that is an “easy” problem for the path is clear. It is just a wonderderously difficult climb.

Then there are the “hard“ problems.

Why was the universe created.? Why can we live in it?

Why is it so perfect we can evolve? Why can we see though our eyes and hear through our ears?

What is consciousness and sentience/experience? Not a clue. No road map nor any idea how to make one. So I asked some questions: What was the beginning? What is the BEST that it led to?

The best is beauty and joy for they are the outcomes of all the rest that is good.

Fifty or so years ago there was a wonderful photography show called “The Family of Man.” When is the last time any politician had the courage to refer to all of us cocllectively as a family. Yet we are one. Just ask anyone who studies genetics. And all our ancestors were BROWN.

So why are we constantly at war? Why do we not share our wealth? Why don’t we care about the earth enough to save it?

The ONLY thing that matters is shareholder value my investor said.

Why? My opinion is that he was never taught about beauty and joy. “Shareholder value” is a perfect example of something humans dream up that is simple, it sounds legimitate and even a bit esoteretic. Yet it is a fraud of the first class, for it guarantees wealth to those who have done good work as well as those who have done nothing. It is the scourge of capitalism and the rallying cry against communism, soc ialism and libralism. It is also the death of justice. And it is created out of nothing without thinking about the other’s shoes.

But this leaves us nowhere except with an arrow though the heart of modern economics. Actually, the arrow bounced off the heart for the current (2022) conservative icon is Donald Trump. To understand him, you will have to look elsewhere.

As is usualy in such a conundrum, one must backup, in this case I think to the beginning, because to know what is fair (which is the problem) we must know what human beings are and why they were created. Hardly the easiest of questions.

And that will lead to the question of how we treat each other. Here is one way. (If this doesn’t move you listen to it until it does. Sometime recognizing beauty takes times and effort.)

Krystian Zimerman, Chopin Ballade No. 1, Op. 23

To The Edge of the Universe

Constituents vs Followers

This I think is why.

There are two kinds of leaders: Those that are in it for themselves, lets call these Type 1 leaders and the people are followers. Then there are those leaders that are in it for the people. I call them Type 2 leaders and the people are constituents. The second kind are leaders who try to give people what they need. These are the most difficult to find.

World War II, of couse, is a classic example: Hitler, Moussilliani, Stalin and Tojo were Type 1 leaders, but there could be Type 1 because they had a core ofr loyal, automatons that supported them. Churchill and Roosevelt were Type 2 leaders. They had a core of people also, but they worked together for the people.

There is something about humanity that causes Type 1s (also usually dictators) to arise and a core of people who see the world as they want to see it, not as it is. This leads to catastrophe because the goal is to remold reality to fit their view rather that supplying what constituents needs. We have a Type 1 leader in our midst, and should he acauire too much power it will lead to disaster. We are on the way. We must stop him.

So why? The best I can do is that evolution produced hunter’s that liked to hunt for themselves and hoard. And it produced leaders that wanted to hunt so people could have what they needed, uuiuiiuriupp

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