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Where, What, How

It’s There, But You Have To Find It.

I like to learn alone, at my own pace. A teacher may have a direction to go in, but there are an infinity of directions, many of them wrong. So going it alone is risky, and costly I soon found out.

I headed to the highest place in Vermont. Hah! Perhaps a 200 foot mural. And then I explored. Salt marshes looked interesting and I still love them. But the great books I had seen were of the west. So when Bose sent me on a business trip, I took my photo gear, borrowed a van and explored. Canyonlands. Brice. Arches. Part of the problem was E3 films. An old technology prone to fading. But then E6 Ektachrome 64 and a trip to Japan with a stopover in Anchorage, and my first real image. It’s on page 1.

Then back to New England and a very happy meeting: Eliot Porter’s Intimate Landscapes at the Metropolitan Museum in New York in 1979 and one image: “Redbud Trees in Bottomland” resonated with something. It was also the cover of Porter’s book. The subject (redbuds) and the rest of the image were one, it seemed to me and so it drew you in. That image changed my life.

I kept shooting. Malcolm Gladwell in The Outliers says there is always luck involved, and I struck it rich.

Driving into Boston on the Massachusetts Turnpike (otherwise known as I-90 or the Mass Pike: Seattle to Boston) in Weston I drove over a filled valley and saw my own redbuds. The builders of the Pike had given me a view into the tree canopy high and close. I had to shoot it. On an Interstate at rush hour? I found a way to park off the highway and a walk of a couple or hundred feet either in the breakdown lane or on about 6" of footing before the drop off that gave me the view. I had found my redbuds and irony of ironies, I was told the fill came from the excavation of a hilltop on which Bose had built their permanet home andd where I went to work. I hope it’s true.

I photographed the Pike for 10 years, mostly in Weston and Millbury at another very special overlook. There were many conversations with Pike police until I got permission, but I spent many dawns on the Pike. A sampling is in the Pike gallery.

Early Buds on Maple Trees I
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