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Mourning In America

How ~ What ~ Why

I once did quality control for Bose, many years ago.

My job was to anticipate trouble. What could go wrong? I asked.
I found some things and avoided some problems that
might or might not have happened but I made sure they did not.

When Donald Trump first heard of the virus all he
had to do was call a meeting of his top public health
people and utter four (4) words:
“Do what it takes.”
Followed by: “I will fund you and back you.”
And then go play golf.

But D.T. was afraid of appearances.
So as a consequence about 200,000 people died
that did not have to die.
He would have won the election easily.

He was not impeached for this crime,
although he should have been as well as
for trying to steal the election.

But that is not the worst of it.

He still has boot licking followers by the millions
and liers in the media who let him make this happen.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I grew up loving America and I still do
but I have now learned too much about slavery,
reconstruction, racism and about America’s
true religion, the “free-market economy.”

I was told the truth by an “angel investor” in my tiny
fine art printing company. All he said was:
“The only thing that matters is shareholder value,”
which at first stuck me as “well, of course.”
Then I began thinking.

Right-wing ideology is “small government, low taxes.”
What a brilliant way to pull the wool
over the eyes of the less well-off. Of course.

Who benefits? Those who have more will get still more.
Those who have less...will have even less.

—John Wawrzonek, 02-15-2012

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