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Hidden Worlds

I Want You To See Them

There is so much that is wonderful, fun, surprising (especially) beyond what we see when we walk or drive by. So much so that capturing the details: the buds, bark, the ripples in the water when the wind blows, the mensici around water drops that I like to make my images revolve around these “textures.”

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And then there is the tree canopy, especially in the spring. The University of Maine tells you to bring binioculars when walking under a red maple when it is coming into bloom.

Good idea, but there is a much better one: “fly” over them and you will see a whole new world, not just the buds and flowers, but an ocean of tree canopies.

I lucked out (and was smart) to find places close to the tops of trees, usually on Interstate highways.

Below is from the breakdown lane of the Mass. Pike in Weston, Massachusetts. This view gave me a serious case of butterflies I loved it so much. And so I have a hole collection now, of views from the Pike (and other overlooks).

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