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Finding the The Hidden World of The Nearby

Wandering is a great way to find the unexpected as well as a great way to spend a day frustrated.

What did happen was that I stumbed on something here and there and eventually they assigned themselves places in my galleries. Some are by season & subject: trees-spring, for example.

Some fill categories such as ground covers and others the obvious rivers, streams and ponds.

Then there are the special places: Walden Pond and its associate, Wyman’s Meadow and its water-shields.

And then another pond, or rather a congenial gathering of reeds and water-lilies that occupy a small spot on Upper Hadlock Pond in Maine.

Then there is the special view of a special subject: the tree canopy, often the best way to appreciate a tree. But this requires being above the trees yet close to them. When I found the Weston Overlook that gave me this combination and it energized all my photography for years.

~ Walden Pond & Greater Walden ~

Walden Pond

Thoreau’s Walden

Wyman’s Meadow

Fairhaven Bay Ice Storm

~ Other Ponds ~

A Pond In NH

Ponds in Massachusetts

A Pond In Maine

~ Forms of Water ~

By The Sea


Rivers & Streams

~ Three of Trees ~



Tree Canopy

~ Walking ~

Ground Covers





~ Verticals Too ~

Ipswich Sunset
Ipswich Sunset
Ipswich Sunset
Ipswich Sunset
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