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I Don’t Understand

And Neither Do You!

Whoo there partner. Who do you think you’re talking to?

It’s simple. Anyone who thinks life on earth should be better for everyone. And if you don’t like this idea, then you should read this, because you are the problem. So why should you listen to me? Don’t really know except humanity needs to move on from Humanity 1.0 to Humanity 2.0 and I think about this a lot and I am looking for people to talk to. Look around this web site or my other one, caringfortheearth.com. That will get us started.

What I Hate.

1. Hate.

2. Not knowing what a fabulous gift life is.

3. Lusting after money and power.

4. Suffering.

5. People who don’t give a damn.

6. Good people who don’t understand the miracles of life.

Well, that’s the general idea. Oh. One more thing. My lust for hidden worlds. One each week.

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