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Are Humans The Way They Are?

In studying cosmology, psychology and philosophy and the behavoir of humans, I come away torn, almost to pieces. Why? Is the question when humans have been given such brains (and science does not know how they work (more below I hope) do we have such stupidity as anti-vaxers, climate wreckers, dictators, money suckers-up, racism and so forth.

We all have psycially pretty much the same brain, but we have to team up in tribes and find ways to “superiorize” ourselves. (I begin by seven years at MIT.)

Much of humanity does not believe in truth, otherwise they would get their shots. Much of humanity does believe in god which is just a name and explains nothing, preaches caring for our fellow humans yet has started countless wars since the beginning of civilization and they continue. At this moment (01/14/2022) the right and left wings have each convinced themselves they must save this pseudo-democracy (I am left, you must have guessed.) After studying cosmology from my teen years, science for my education, becoming temporarily an evangelical and now an...unnamed something that is part god, part undiscovered physics and more. There is no name for it. (No. Agnostic is not it.)

So now I cry almost every day as idiots make decisions that put them and their families and society in danger. And brings to my mind a five-year-old: “You can‘t make me do it.” It crushes the soul.

Can Something be done?

Listen to Chopin.

All the fine arts are wonderful, but classical music has the ability to penetrate the soul, which is where our problems lie. Listening, and opening your mind to the beauty, takes you beyond the limitations of our language and ordinary yearnings.

Chopin:Ballade No. 1 Op 23, Krystian Zimerman


The first comment I read of this performance was “If you want to know the meaning of life, listen to this.”

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