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Why The Universe Was Created
The Meaning of Life

I am baffled. Perplexed. Sad beyond measure. Angry. Despairing. But above all sad.


We do not realize how great a miracle is the universe.

We do not realize we are all miracles of creation.
Science cannot explain why we were created.
Science cannot explain and we do not appreciate the EXPERIENCE OF LIFE.

We are all Africans, ALL of us descended from tribes that migrated from Africa 100 thousand years ago.

“White” simply means our ancestors went further north.
Less sun, less vitamin D, our skin must shed its color for us to live.

So we fight, kill, destroy the planet, and miss the joy of creating, experiencing, living.
And the cosmos cries for we have forsaken it.

Read on. I will never get this right for I will not be here much longer and you have to carry on. Read on. Stop. See. Hear.

Create beauty. Lead your friends to joy.

Without us to enjoy them there is no meaning to the stars.
They might just as well not exist.

Ipswich Sunset

The Cosmos And Me

The really, really, really big picture.

I imagine that I was eleven when I began reading astronomy books. In reality it was likely two or three years later. But I knew about the steady-state universe (no longer considered a possibility), stars of many kind. But if only they knew.

Below is the cosmic egg. Is this just a very big breakfast.

In this time (October 2020) of utter looniness, Trump and the virus (I don’t know which is worse) I am puzzled about little discussion of the rrr big picture.

What we know (o.k., are pretty sure of) are the following:

1. The universe burst upon us 10.78 billion years ago.

2. The earth was formed about 5.5 billion years ago.

3. There are about 1022 planets in the universe (10 followed by 22 zeros).

4. We know of no other planets with higher forms of life.

5. For fourty years the SETTI project has been listening for a clue in the in our galaxy (the Milky Way).

6. Only a tiny number of people (Thank You Gretta Thunberg) “get it.”

7. Why?

I have a few ideas, but in practice there is a disconnect between humanity and the entity, force, quantum fluction, or whatever that made this happen.

Many people will say “god” and I say which one. And give me some evidence.

I have been reading Why Is The Universe Just Right for Life by Paul Davies and so far, in agreement with my other readings, there is no answer. Well, this pisses me off. Why not? Is science that dumb?

Yes, I think it is. There is, in all the writings about “theories of everying” and such the question WHY? comes up short, or very short. What is missing is only the reason(s) most of us mostly like being alive: beauty, joy, and experience. Our two eyes and two ears somehow from two tiny pictures on our retinas and the wigglging of the two flaps of skin in our ear canals give us all the beauty on this site and infinitely more and our ears give us communication, symphonies, spring breezes, the cry of babies, the voices of loved ones and the whole thing when it is working right gives us beauty and joy. But we are detroying it.


People don’t get science, listen to classical music. They (or some of them) need something beyond (or under) beauty and joy and that something is, I believe, significance. Importance. Belief that they are influencing the world the right way.

I don‘t know why, but my imaginagation says that if we had gone beyond midevial thinking when Issac Newton did and really thaught it things would be different.

Every person would have been tuned into the arts since birth, because that is necessary.

Every persson would have skills and jobs doing what they love to do. But they don’t. Religion still trumps evolution. Reciprocity is never thought of: the 50 richet Americans have as much money as the bottom 165 million and lots of both will call themselves Christians.

The educational philosophy driver seems to head for the lowest common denominator which means nothing is said that five sides cannot agree upon. Rigor is absent. Decrimination and racism condemn masses to suffering and poverty and Bill Gates builds a 65 room “house.” (Bill has reformed a bit under the influence of his wife and father.)

So what do we get? An ideology of low taxes and small government which means a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. And just to top it off, we get trumpted.

Humanity needs to grow up fast, or the earth is going down.

Several years ago I did some very simple science. I took NASA’s data on the earth’s temperature and with Microsoft‘s Excel did a polynominal expansion, a simple extrapolation. It is very close to the average of 50 computer models.

Basedd on the past 100 years the chances of pulling out of the dive are aoubt one one hundredth of one percent.

If I have not made you seriously afraid, I have not done my job and the greatest creation of the creation, the earth and its people is going down. There are no longer any words.

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