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The Art Of Image Design ~ II

I’ve Got Butterflys

It was almost certainly not wise, but I did not study photography. For one thing, I don’t like being told how to do something and for another I am afraid of being found out, by fellow students, how dumb I am. So I would rather poke around and experiment until something clicks. My father used to say “You can’t tell him anything.”

So what do I go by? My first really strong reaction to an image was in the spring on the Mass Pike about 20 miles west of Boston. I really can’t explain it except that when I saw the image below (or a very similar one) something that I think we call butterflys churned pretty strongly around my middle, strongly enough that despite this being a view from an Interstate Highway at rush hour, I knew I had to find a way to photograh it. Eventually I found a place to park off the highway, had a few conversations with the Pike police, got permission and began ten years of shooting mainly from two locaions. This is one in Weston, Massachusetts that I call, naturally, the Weston Overlook. The other in Millbury at exit 11 gave up a bunch of images.

Early Buds on Maple Trees I

I like this image because no one thing dominates yet there is much interesting going on. It is in some ways similar to the previous Hadlock Pond image, except much less regular and the pointillistic buds are pretty random, just swashes of color over an underlying very flexible rhythm. None of this hits you over the head. It should get you (if it got me) and draw you in and ask you to spend some time.

The elevation of the Pike made this possible. The road passes over a valley that had been filled and so gave me something exceedingly unusual. Beautiful trees and a view at the level of the canopy but up close.

There is also an irony if what I read is true that the fill for this overlook came from lopping off the top of The Mountain to make room for Bose Corporation. This is almost too much.

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