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As Time Goes By

Some times we laugh, some times we cry
who would have thought in 2005,
that in sixteen years we would question

that I would spend so much of my time, wondering,
thinking, smoldering, annoying my wife my friends
and, also I, for I should leave well-enough alone
except that the well, it is almost dry but for the tears
that flow from so many eyes, they fill the well
as time goes by.

I knew this morning would be different
for it is a most joyous time, it is Susan’s birthday
I never thought “and then there’s Mahler”
could bring such...(Webster, where are you...
I need another word...well...) Love and joy and
as time goes by.

In 1994 I saw a small picture of a little boy
(look out below...) that I and Susan would fly
and love and thrills and agony, for time brought Zhenya–

Now I remember so much, so many days filled by
Susan, and Zhenya and pain and growth,
I could not have thought
that memories fill the well too, but my oh my,
the waters are so so different
but without Susan this well, it would be dry.

So now we have a boy who has become a man
Greg, he loves the water, nay, he lives for the water
and makes all well, I could never have imagined
that a glance at a line that caught trout
would make a man that is the joy of life.

But not without Susan she brings such wisdom,
patience and dedication and the boy is a man...
and 27 years have gone by.

Greg Original Polaroid Zhenya
Greg Susan John001
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