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About Everything

Too much to say.

Most of these topics do not relate (or appear not to) directly to photography and/or printing. But inquiring minds (assuming there is more than you who are reading and I who am trying to write) find that seemingly disparate topics bump into each other. A somewhat obvious example: an easy to reach path at Walden or the space between our ears where either everything happens or we don’t exist is the kind of obvious/non-obvious connection that surprised me a bit. Once that hits home, you have to be ready to duck unexpected fast balls.
The Weekly Reader to save Susan from my repetative rants.

https://www.lightsongfineart.com/America ONE MORE THING WHY https://www.lightsongfineart.com/The-Weekly-Reader/The-Weekly-Reader-Week-One

Week 1 ~ One More Thing

America, Perhaps?

Week 2

Why This Life Rather Than Another?

Week 3

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