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THERE ARE RIVERS AND THERE ARE STREAMS. For rivers, it is mainly  the water that dominates and often tumbles and roils.

For streams, it is a more intimate interaction with their surroundings, whether they tumble over rocks or meander narrowly between beds of flowers and reeds. But there is one other matter and that is where and how visible they are. The most spectacular that I have seen, it is possible that I was the only person to have seen them. That is especially true for the first two images:

Dreamed Brook I photographed from the breakdown lane of Interstate 495 in Littleton, Massachusetts, which means my head was under the dark cloth of my view camera for a half hour or so while rush-hour traffic buzzed by a few feet behind me.

River Valley After Storm was much safer, but no more visible. Although it was across the street from the public works department in Ashland, Massachusetts it was difficult to see unless you stood below road level on the river bankAnd then, each depended on fog, mist or clouds that lasted minutes or even seconds.

Dreamed Brook
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