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The Creation Should Be Known The Most

And It Is Known The Least

How and why are we able to see them? Why is there something rather than nothing?

We were once small tribes that, from the anthropologists that have lived with the handful that remain, peace, equality were primary and the rules of the tribes were created to keep equanimity.

Then, first agriculture followed by science changed everything. Too many humans were unemployed and a side of human nature that combined fear with the need to overcome it which lead to aggression and empires and constant wars to this day.

And so they do not hear the songs that the earth sings.

When I photograph I try to not have a clear subject so the eye has to wander, but I also lead it just a little.

This image from the pond in Maine has so many voices and rhythms and counterpoint.

Those Who Seek Music

Find It Everywhere

Those who listen and hear. Those who look and see music everywhere. In the eyes and expressions of those who also seek, will find a kind of heaven on earth. They will steer clear of war and conflict.

I am mystified.

Here. Imagine a breezy day as the reeds sway and the water waves in counterpoint. The lilies are a bit of percussive emphasis.

In The Beginning

Was Cacophony

Or so it seemed.

The order of the Creation played out over billions of years. The music roiled and rolled, and created new creations for billions of years until eventually there was the earth and life and people and then art in its many form: dance, poetry, music, paintings, murals to express the beauty and joy, the best of life.

But so much of humanity could not recognize what they had and it came to the edge of loosing everything. I do not believe I will know the outome..

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