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Unexpected Joy

After seven years ~ a first meeting ~ the tree canopy

So You Want To See The Trees

So you want to see the trees my friend,
so you want to see the trees—
birds do it and bees and butterflys too,
but only artists of photography and those
in the breakdown lane will see the whole magnificance, so cleaverly hidden from view.

This is the whole, from silver trunk to budding flowers and not just once, for every hour
its colors change until its flowers leaf and the season is mature.

Each spring its blossoms turn to leaves
in congregation so
if we are of suitable mind,
will bring a worship of creation.

Trees do not just exalt in sunlight and rain,
they breath for us, so the sea of carbon
becomes the sire of all that grows,
and for our lungs and spirits it provides—
Oh! trees with the spirit of Van Gogh.

My god...I cannot tell you of the glow
in me to see from all places The Pike!,
and sitting on a steel rail
with Boston’s morning business roaring by
a photograph now forever in a museum.

What fortune to find hidden so nearby,
I had never before thought to look.


Early Buds on Maple Trees I

Early Buds on Maple Trees I

Interstate Highway 90, Weston, Massachusetts. May 1982 cat. 4841

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