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There are few things on this earth that carry unquestioned responsibility from the get-go, however being given the privilege of living on the earth is one of them. Although many will argue that we are not all equal, the only hope for survival is that we all care enough about ourselves to want others to care about us. It’s called reciprocity but is known to most of us as the Golden Rule.

There are many implications and consequences of reciprocity for it applies not just to you and me but to me and every livig thing and to the earth. But we have failed. Many will think I am joking. I am not. We are already on the verge of catastrophic destruction from our failure to care about the earth.

However, those who attempt to create fine art must try to build the reciprocity bridge everywhere.

How could this be?

The education of the typical citizen is is often seriously lacking, especially in science, our responsibilities and the distorting affects of religion. Often even PhDs do not have a broad enough education. What is missing?

Truth begins with science yet scientists do not make nearly enough effort to teach the general public nor does the government. The public, by not understand how science works is often suspecious. Now even routine infant vaceens are under suspension.

The thinking habits of most of us are left over from the religious teachings written from a thousand BCE to roughly a thousand years CE. Why? Scientists have put their heads in the sand and failed to communnicate the miracles THEY have discovered about how we got here and the wonders of that we have and are. We are born with enough brain power to: 1. Figure out how the universe and our planet were born. 2. With two simple camera-like eyes and two flaps of vibrating skin we can learn a dozen languages, hear a symphony and see the reality around us.

These are infinite gifts and few of us use them to more than a fraction of their potential.

I have done something simple: I carried a camera with me and simply recorded the most beautiful images I could find. And so what is so great about this? It goes beyond other human capability in bringing joy and beauty to life, and perhaps alerts to other joy and beauty many of us don’t even recognize. Listen to almost any discussion and listen for how we become part of the purpose of creation.

Below is the view from an entrance ramp on the Mass Pike, I-90 that is the result of simple persistence.

Ipswich Sunset
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