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~I HAVE BEEN PHOTOGRAPHING SINCE 1974 AND PRINTING SINCE 1978. I started with the same process as Technicolor movies such as Gone with the Wind because it was the best available in 1978. (See the section on Dye Transfer Printing). I now print with a 10-color ink jet printer (there were several processes in between, but that would take a book) that amazes me with it's quality.

~WHY NO SHOPPING CART: ALMOST NOTHING I MAKE IS STANDARD so we have to exchange e-mails or talk on the phone. Click on contacts and I will send you my direct line and when you call I will know you are not tele-marketing.

~NOW FOR A SIMPLE EXAMPLE. This is the north wall of my dining room with a standard size print and one made for the space. There is no extra cost for customization: I charge by the square foot.

~WHAT YOU DO. SEND ME A PICTURE of where you plan to hang the print (iPhone or other digital camera is fine) and put something into the photograph (or give me some measurements) so I can establish a scale. Give me any special instructions or preferences.

~WHAT I DO. I will send you a digital simulation or two or three. Then we talk if need be and figure out what will work best.

There is a guide to print pricing (print only) below. Does it cost me this much to make a print for you? No. But I did wear out three cars driving around finding the images and exposed 20,000 sheets of 4" x 5" film. The landscape work spanned 28 years. Now I am onto flowers and french horns (please visit those galleries).

Dimensions Luster Paper Water Color Paper Canvas
16" x 20" $240 $320 $350
20" x 25" $340 $450 $500
24" x 30" $450 $610 $680
32" x 40" $740 $1000 $1110
40" x 50" $1110 $1490 $1660
48" x 60" * $1550 $2090 $2320
64" x 80" * $2640 $3570 $3960
80" x 100" ** $4030 $5440 $6050
20" x 40" $500 $670 $750
25" x 50" $740 $990 $1100
30" x 60" $1020 $1370 $1520
40" x 80" $1720 $2310 $2570
40" x 100" $2120 $2860 $3180
40" x 115" $2420 $3270 $3630

All prints are made to order to the exact dimensions you desire.

•The price list shows standard 4 x 5 proportions as well as 2:1 panoramas. Many images crop well into the panoramic format.

•The printer accommodates rolls up to 44" wide. Length can be 10' or more.

•All prints have a white 2" border unless requested otherwise. The price list shows the image dimensions.

•All canvas prints have a 2" mirrored border.

•E-mail us and we will quote you a price for any combination of dimensions.

•We can crop into diptychs, triptychs, etc. For example three 40" verticals can be combined into a 10 foot by 10 foot triptych.

•Shipping is free via UPS ground unless delivery is required in less than two weeks in which case we will charge for 1 day or 2 day shipping.

•All prints are shipped rolled in indestructable custom tubes.

From price list: * indicates diptrips or triptychs only; ** indicates triptychs only

•Satisfaction is guaranteed, although in 40 years of making and selling prints we have never had one returned.

•SOLD OUT EDITIONS: JW 0037, Spring Sunrise I, JW 0181, Dreamed Brook

Contact: Cell: 508-561-7197 or John Wawrzonek: 508-466-8022   or If you can't reach me, Susan can (usually). I will be glad to discuss your needs and even create images especially for you.


Send us a photograph (iPhone is sufficient) of the space where the art will hang. (It is preferable that no other art is hanging in the picture you take.)

Choose images that interest you and I will place them digitally in the photograph you send. This also aids greatly in choosing sizes. All the images below are simulations.


Many of my images lend themselves to cropping. When shooting with a 4" x 5" camera you can pretend it is 4" x 4" square (see below) or a 2" x 5" panoramic.

SIMULATIONS (click on the image to see it large)

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