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Capturing Reality


With the possibility of a rare exception, it is not possible. Why?

There is almost nothing of the real scene that can be captured the way you would experience it standing in front of it.

Sunlight is far brighter than any gallery lighting by about a factor of 10,000.

The range of color the eye can see is beyond the limits of all cameras and printers.

The resolution of detail caannot be matched.

The third dimension is missing.

The size of the original scene is too large except for macro photographs.

So I will begin the illustration by showing an exception.

Maple Keys

I had wished to show the way a maple tree’s buds burst into bloom, and I got lucky (again). During a spring storm, a tree branch fell into my driveway and was at the exact height to make it convenient to photograph. So a print of more than life size was possible and, because of I could bring my camera as close as I wished (and I had very good lenses and 4" x 5" film) it seems extraordinarily real and looking at such a close distance issues of scale become less important and the reproduction of fine detail gives a good suggestion of three dimensions. But this is where it ends. A photograph of maple trees, also with wet buds looks a bit different.

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JW 0032 crop k*rπ F2 fssk 200,1 6 DF PFL 18S02
JW 0032 crop 1, 10x10 k*rπ F2 fssk 200,1 6 DF PFL 18S03
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