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>Why ?

Why, at 82 after a successful and enjoyable life do I dred READING THE. HEADLINES At 82, everything looks and sounds different. Biographies of composers make their music mean more even after a lifetime of listening.

As does weeks looking through thousands of 4x5 chromes. An occasional pleasant surprise and a reminmder of how much film was not used wisely (to put it politely). And “preface” and such are too constraining. I just want to talk.

The biological “double helix” seems to fit. There are only four components but all of life comes from different combinations. Yesterday I would have begun differently. But with 82 next week, I see and hear differently and what comes to mind first are epiphanies and the most unbelievable happend while I was studying solid state physics for my MS at MIT and hating it. And then while I was walking down a long aisle in Building 20 (home of radar development in WW-II, now demolished) a line of wisdom spoke: “why don’t you do what you love?” and my life changed completely and forever when I knocked on the door of Professor Amar Bose.

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