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PONDS ARE THE ACCENTS OF THE LANDSCAPE, at least those that I have found and I have found many. The interesting ones are almost invariably small for that usually means they are shallow and that, in turn, means there are interesting plants there, or that interesting remnants from trees have fallen on the water.

Water lilies are perhaps most important but I think I am partial to pine needles and leaves. (The water-shields at Waldon are a special case and I discuss those elsewhere.)

The surfit of pine needles here are the product of one small pond I stumbled upon when returning home from northern New Hampshire. I realized I had left too soon and wanted to go exploring again, so I took the next exit off I-93 intending to head back into the hinterlands. I never got there. Along the various exit roads I came upon a very small pond covered with waterlilies, leaves and pine needles. It made for several hours of wonderful photographing. I thought I knew where I was but now cannot place the town nor find the pond (or the exit) on satellite photographs. So I just call it "The Pond Near I-93."

Eight Trees & Many Water Lilies
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