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Interstate-90, The Mass Pike

Weston, Massachusetts

I BEGAN PHOTOGRAPHING IN 1974. This photograph was made in 1981.

THERE ARE FIVE ASPECTS OF THIS IMAGE that are important to me.

I. It was a view at rush hour from one of the most heavily traveled highways.

2. I was leaning against the guard rail of the an interstate highway.

3. It is to me a stunning image: a maze of silver branches with a dusting of pointillist buds.

4. I was not aware of any other location from which a photograph like this could be made. The highway was passing through a valley that had been filled and so placed me at the level of and close to the tree canopy. I later found a second location on the Turnpike (see the second image).

5. It was the textures that made the image and the image seemed to have no boundaries. This experience affected all my future work and was perhaps my single most important lesson in photography.

In a sense, it was the image I had been looking for for seven years because I experienced a feeling about the landscape I had never experienced before. It was a composition made of two layers of texture and for reasons I cannot completely understand it changed how I viewed the landscape. The odd part is that I did not fully understand my reaction until I stopped photographing the landscape, 21 years later.

You can go to the gallery of Spring on the Mass Pike by clicking HERE and see other images form this location and also from a similar overlook on the Pike in Millbury at Exit 11.

Early Buds on Maple Trees I

Early Buds on Maple Trees I

Interstate Highway 90, Weston, Massachusetts. May 1982 cat. 4841

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