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It is hard to say that any one image is typical of what made The Hidden World of the Nearby. However, Monet's Meadow still seems to me, after 30 years, to be remarkable.

I passed this corner every day for 18 years going to and from work. In the late summer of 1981 it looked unusually green and I stopped, parked across the street and happened to catch a glimmer of the setting sun. As is true for virtually all my images, this was the only time in my years of passing it that it looked like this. 

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Thanks to Google for satellite and street views.

Monet's Meadow

Woodland Road, Southborough, Massachusetts, September 1981, JW 0044

THE BOSTON-WORCESTER TURNPIKE is always referred to locally as Route 9. It is a very commercial, busy commuter highway, divided, full of stop lights and to be avoided at rush hour. Woodland road is a typical suburban access road and this intersection was about two miles from my home.

These details may seem superfluous but it is the ordinarious of the location that makes, to my mind a photograph like Monet's Meadow amazing. Where did this come from? Why did it disappear never to return. I photographed it once just before sunset. You can see the yellow highlights from the sun low in the sky. The reeds, grasses, two red flowers and a suggestion of a stream all seem to me like a flower arrangement.

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