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Going Local

If at first you don’t succeed....


Fourty Eight Years

Not counting repeats and those I have forgotten

One of my first shooting expeditions was a state forest about 10 miles from home. This was 1974. I was shooting negatives. The forest is beautiful and there were one or two water shots, but this is when I realized walking through the woods would was almost hopeless, you literaally can’t see the forest for the trees. So I tried the west: Utah, expecially but everything looked familiar but not as good as those photos taken by photographers who lived there or good visit often. And there was the vista at the top of Mount Mansfield.

I don’t know exactly when I began noticing roadsides, but it was seven years later that I found the Weston Overlook on the Mass Pike a few miles west of Boston. And My life changed.

Spring Flowers, Interstate 90, Weston, Massachusetts, May 1981

Spring Flowers
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