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Every place I could get to.

Maine is unique and I mean that in the original definition: ONE OF A KIND.

I have lived in New England for almost 80 years, photographed from Maine to Florida to New Mexico to Oregon and then stopped in upper New York state on the way home. It is second only to Massachusetts (my home) in the places I have photographed.

Main is the northeast in that it is very north, very east and has an enormous, long and unmatched coastline that is a new adventure in every mile. And that is leaving out the coastal islands I could not reach.

The flat parts are as intriguing as the mountainous parts. But the coast has an edge over inland Maine but it is a close call what with Baxter State Park and the blueberry barrens.

All the images here are from high resolution 4" x 5" originaLS. The ones I show are the ones I have digitized.


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