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THE FIRST IMAGE, CONTRADANCE NO.1, is the latest I have created in this series. It is the result of several months work to apply technique, technology and style. There are multiple layers of edges  most of which are painted-in only in certain places. The Photoshop file has hundreds of layers. Many subtle changes combine to make the final image.

It is difficult to know when one begins whether it is a fruitful or futile path, although futility usually reveals itself soon. 

There are 16 saxophones in this image and I was surprised to find how critical it was how I shaped the first one. The image also contains an extraordinary amount of detail since each instrument was a 4" x 5" transparency to begin with. The background (or "ostinato" as I call it) is 10 replicas of the foreground each 1/10 the size and, of course, with a very different color balance. Besides several layers of edges, there is a layer of the solid instrument. I have painted in a small amount of this layer into the keys. Sometimes I may put a faint layer of the background on top of the whole image.

The same comments apply to the diamond saxophones. Here I am showing three very similar images. If you spend a little time you will see the subtle differences, especially of how much you can see through one layer through to another.



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