Saxophones - lightsongfineart

EACH OF THE IMAGES in this gallery is made using the single saxophone as raw material.

My motivation is to explore the creation of images far removed from landscapes and yet retain some of the characteristics of my landscapes at least in some of the images. Here the primary characteristic is the use of texture.

Each image is constructed entirely (or almost entirely of the edges of the instrument. This makes it possible to see a second or even a third layer. In these images there are three types of layers: the edges, the solid instrument and the background which is usually construction from the foreground. A result of these techniques is a very high level of detail and an enormous range of variations by altering the color and opacity of the various layers.

These are the the preliminary beginning of what I hope will be a new body of work, along with similar approaches to other instruments. Variations on the french horn can be seen in the FRENCH HORN GALLERY.

The original images were made for me in the mid-90s by studio photographer Douglas Saglio since I did not have the skill or space at that time.

Original Saxophone
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