The Hidden World of the Nearby

So what is an inatrument of music?

A flute? Beautiful but perhaps a little off in a corner.


Simple. One celestial satin sway.

A racusous growl from the depths to a squeal.

A melody like a pretty girl or maybe even a ballerina.

Gymnastics, from plaintive, to punishment to pure to two-step to marching along, and a thousand more, demands KEYS, and levers and lots of them, and they make lights and shapes and rhythems of light.

What else could you expect. Charlie Parker. Colman Hawkins and the ride of the virtuosos that propelled jazz to the heights of jazz. And even a Ravalry repeat. Onward jazzenites!!

Never mind the pics. Click the double arrows. >>>>>>>>>>>

That Is Not How We Began
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