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Personality Disorder

Wiki Riffs On The Sax

Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, Carlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Lester Young, Wayne Shorter, Duke Ellington, Zoot Sims, Johnny Hodges....Maurice Ravel.

Back in the 1990s when we decided to do photographs of musical instruments for Bose stores the first instrument that came to mind was the french horn (which you see in the background of all these images). It really is the most elegant instrument in the orchestra. But I was lucky that we also tried the saxophone because it is hands-down the winner in the multiple personality contest.

The first images that came to mind was the acrobatics that jaz sax plays use to express themselves. And so we have the sassy saxophones and the march of the sassy saxophones. But what I did not expect was all the other personalities, especially what I call the contradance. So for emphesdis I have put sassy and contra side by side. Click on below right to go to the contradance gallery.

Position 1


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