Some time ago I wrote these words about making photographs:


Every image in all the galleries (with the exception of the sassy saxophones, where a little competition was in order) is made from a single photograph of a single french horn, saxophone or piano. Since I was a landscape photographer I did not have a studio so I contracted with Douglas Saglio to photograph the french horn and saxophone. The piano is my own, and since it weights 1050 pounds (which is 100 pounds more than a Steinway concert grand that is two feet longer) I had to try to photograph it myself. I was limited a bit by a 7 1/2 foot ceiling. At the time I am writing this it is in a wonderful space with a 14 foot ceiling, but I am no longer able to climb ladders safely so I am using the original images.

The gallery for each instrument shows the original photographs and the digital work I did myself entirely in Photoshop. The first image (below, left) I made in 1995. All the rest were made starting about ten years later.

French Horn by Doug Saglio I
Position 2

The inspiration comes from the lines shapes and colors of the instrument. I had always considered the french horn to be an exquisite creation. The saxophone was a shot in the dark, but has turned out to be especially inspiring. The Mason & Hamlin piano is I think is stunningingly beautiful, and puts modern pianos to shame.

French Horn Gallery

Diamond Saxophone Gallery

JW 4813 M01

Odds and Ends Saxophone Gallery

Contrdance Saxophone Gallery

Piano Gallery

Sassy Sax Gallery

Strings Attached

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