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Songs of Light

Tapestries, Jewels & Surprises

Songs of Light

Tapestries, Jewels & Surprise

It’s now April 2021. I began photographing 47 years ago.

I began working on LightSongs, the images in these galleries, 27 years ago.

There is a problem with words. All of them carry huge baggage which comes from them all having been used for so many things. ”Creating” is a good example. I think these images are creations, but so is the universe, or a baby.

The real heart of creating is wanting to learn, or, as it is usually put, curiousity. I think one of the best ideas in life is “I wonder what would happen if...” which means your infinitely capable mind had a new thought and you were not content to just let it flitter by. It is part of the heart of life and can applay to anything.

I have always admired the beauty of musical instruments. There is something especially wonderful in the combination of what they do and the forms they take. They are, in a way, as natural as the natural landscape and that reveals something about how the universe is made. Beauty leads to beauty. Minds feel best when effort leads to something beautiful, or provocative or stimulating, all of which can lead to good things happening.

This in turn leads to the need for an essay on how to make life joyful and satisfying which, oddly enough, leads to politics. (See what I mean?)

Anyway it was a combination of my loving how a french horn looked and what Photoshop could do that lead to a “wondering if” moment which now has left me with far more of these than I will ever be able to explore.

This gallery is a sampling, or rather a medley of songs of light. click More Music to go to the galleries where these came from. For the best view, click on the two little arrows to the lower right of the slide show just below.

Note: each image (except for some sassy saxophones) uses one picture of one instrument as is raw material.


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