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Sassy Saxophones

What other kind are there?

If you have ever watched a jazz saxophonist, you will understand this immediately. It is the greatest instrument for the player to express emotion with his/her body. Then I find that I can get all sorts of feelings out of having the instrument imitate the player. You will see the sax are parading in front of a mass of french horns, the only musical image using more than one instrument. The inspiration was the mass of eight french horns used in Mahler symphonies with the players raising their bells high over their heads. I couldn’t resist the kick, as if the saxes were making fun of the staid Mahler-phones. (I love Mahler, by the way.) So digital goes for musical invention. Would anyone be interested in composing an dwocapella for horns and saxophones? I will put it on the site.

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