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Musical Tapestries

A different kind of image.

I began photographing in 1974, 47 years ago. I began working on LightSongs™ in 1995 26 years ago.

I am not aware of anything similar being done. It took decades to evolve the techniques. I offer low cost sample prints and a 100% warantee.

If you have a large monitor you will get the idea. Click on an image or click on the two little arrows next to the slide show.

Each image (minus sassy saxes) are made from a single studio photograph of a single instrument. The “contradances” are from a saxophone. Most images have three layers: edges (usually on top), the ostinato as a background, and in some cases whole or parts of the solid instrument.

Exactly how the parts of the images are shaped and colored is very critical and may take months or even years to get right. Click on the slide show or on the individual images for full screen.


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