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French Horn


French Horn by Doug Saglio I

As in all musical instrument interpretations, each image is made from a single straight photograph of the instrument. The french horn was photographed in his studio by Douglas Saglio in 1995 in Worcester, Massachusetts. All the interpretations were done by me (John Wawrzonek) using only Photoshop. The first of these were done in the mid-90s and then continuted after 2005.

As is evident there is a wide range of interpretations, although they fall into three classes: those made from whole instruments, those made only from edges, and occasionally parts of whole instruments will appear almost unnoticeably.

The images in this gallery cover many years of work and many variations that did not make the cut. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the images, especiallly the contradances, can be reproduced very large. In most cases I prefer to print these on Canson Fibre Rag 100% cotton matte papert. The paper is a work of art in itself.


The arrows will give a full screen slide show.

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