French Horn by Doug Saglio I

In 1993 I was operating a dye tranfer printing laboratory and gallery in Worcester, Masschusetts when I received a request from John Geheran at Bose Corporation to make photographs of musical instruments for their sound equipment stores. Since I did not have appropriate lighting equipment or studio space I commisioned Douglas Saglio, who had a fulling equipped studio directly above our space, to create suitable images after discussiones with me. I purchased copyrights to the images from Doug. We made print of selected images for the Bose stores.

At this time photographic technologies were changing rapidly and Eastman Kodak discontinued the dye transfer process which had been used primarily in creation of advertising material doing the manipulations that were being taken over by Photoshop. Hense, the photographic world was going digital.

When you reach the bottom of this set of pictures, click here: Dancing the Contradance.

Original studio photograph by Doug Saglio.

Principle layer consisting of eight copies of the original horn (above).

Background “grid” layer made from repetitions of a portion of the original horn image. Note the transparent “windows.”

LM 0019

Allemonde No.7 for Solo Horn, 2009, Cat. No. LM 0016

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