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THE HIDDEN WORLD OF THE NEARBY reflects my experience of finding my images in nearby but unnoticed places beginning with views from busy interstate highways. I tell the story of my discoveries in Hidden Worlds.

I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHED IN 21 STATES and three foreign countries beginning in 1974. However, New England has always been my home and so made it possible for me to focus on a number of subjects and places for a decade or more each. 

ALL OF MY IMAGES WERE MADE with a 4" x 5" view camera (the kind where you have a large heavy tripod and a black viewing cloth over your head). I exposed 20,000 sheets of film. One exception is the flower images which were made with a digital SLR.

I HAVE ALWAYS PRINTED MY OWN WORK beginning in 1978 with a process invented in the 1930s called dye transfer printing. It was the only process at the time that had the capability for brilliant color and the control of color saturation. I made dye transfer prints for 19 years until Kodak discontinued making the materials. I know of no other photographer who made 32" x 40" dye transfer prints, which we did regularly.

When digital began to replace dye transfer and other processes I began a long exploration of other methods of printing. 

AVAILABILITY OF DYE TRANSFER PRINTS I have a small number of 20" x 24" and 32" x 40" dye transfer prints for sale. Please contact me for an inventory and prices.

ALMOST INVARIABLY I have heard my prints referred to as paintings, although that was never my intent. Rather I wished to maximize the potential of fine art photography by capturing maximum detail and reproducing the widest possible range of color and taking extreme care in printing my images.

—John Wawrzonek, November 2017

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