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LANDSCAPES are by far the largest in number and are the core of my work. However there are  two new smaller collections: FLOWERS and MUSIC which I have focused on recently partly because of new ideas and new technologies, and partly because I can no longer manage the weight and bulk of a view camera and its accessories.

I spent several years exploring New England and eventually 15 states before discovering a direction for my work. For the most part I avoided iconic images to the extant that I began calling my collection The Hidden World of the Nearby. In HIDDEN WORLDS I discuss how this name came about.

The landscape  collection is divided into 14 galleries, each focusing on a particular subject or place. The landscape galleries contain 323 images I made with a 4" x 5" view camera over a period of 28 years. The images are culled from the 20,000 transparencies I exposed.

Slowly I realized several things about the landscape mages I liked best and the qualities I like in landscapes I have extended to flowers and musical instruments: 1.The images are complex, with much texture and fine detail; 2. I often keep a center of interest to a minimum, but put subtle clues for the eye  to follow hoping to draw the viewer in for a closer look; 3. I like texture, especially colored texture that I can use as a basis for the composition; 4. My favorite images look like they might have been cut from a large tapestry that extends indefinitely. In the landscape collection I began gradually to concentrate on certain subjects and locations that I visited again and again, usually for a period of about 10 years. Each of these subjects and locations has its own gallery under LANDSCAPES. 

Musical instruments have always struck me by their beauty and craftsmanship. From a project I started to provide art for Bose stores, I began to remake straight images of the instruments into studies of form and texture. Each image is from a single instrument and was made using Photoshop exclusively.

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