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The Hidden World of the Nearby

A Few of the Images Behind the Name

THE GREAT MAJORITY OF MY LANDSCAPE IMAGES I found in unexpected places where most photographers would not be inclined to look. These six images are good illustrations. Each has a satellite view and some have street views. 

They led me to look, "under the carpet" for images anywhere, often a result of random driving. Eventually they led me to call my collection The Hidden World of the Nearby (click for the detailed story). However, the name came to mean more to me than just the title of this collection. It came to represent how often we overlook important parts of life because they are too close and perhaps too familiar for us to recognize what they are and how important they are. And we may be much the poorer for our "overlook."

In five out of the six images shown here, it was never possible to make the same, or a similar photograph, again.

For the  story of each imagr click on the image.

I.  From the guard rail, I-90, the Mass. Pike, Weston, Massachusetts

II.  From the guard rail of the Mass. Pike at exit 11,  Millbury, Massachusetts

III. From the breakdown lane, Interstate 495, Littleton, Massachusetts

IV. A few feet from the well trod path around Walden Pond

V. Across from the department of public works, Ashland, Massachusetts

VI. On my commute home at the intersection of a country road and a busy highway.

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