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Water-shields at Wyman's Meadow, Walden

I WENT TO WALDEN POND at the suggestion of my wife's colleagues at the Massachusetts park's department. None of us knew what I might find. I walked on the path everyone follows around the pond but I chose the north side which would lead me to the area known as Thoreau's Cove near where Thoreau had built his cabin.

At the cove I passed by the small pond or pool just to the north of Walden Pond with a narrow path in between. I saw the image on the right below and noticed the reflections of the orange trees between the leaves (I later learned were called "water-shields") but decided to explore the general area first. After an hour or so I came back, placed my camera at the edge of the pool and saw something like the picture above. This was definitely something to be excited about because the pool was covered with patches of the water-shields so it was possible to make many different compositions. Additionally the water-shields were a beautiful combination of purple and green. I photographed until I ran out of film.

The gallery of water-shields you can find by clicking HERE or in the menu above or on the image to the right.

The pool is known as Wyman's Meadow and I visited each year for the next 11 years until I finished my book The Illuminated Walden. However, never again did the water-shields and reflections look as brilliant as that Saturday in 1991.

Lily Pond With Reflections

Wyman’s Meadow, Walden Pond State Reservation, Concord, Massachusetts
October 1991, cat. JW 0608

A View From Above
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