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Interstate–90, The Mass Pike

Exit 11, Millbury, Massachusetts

After finding the overlook on the Pike at Weston, Massachusetts I scoured both eastbound and westbound sides for other suitable places to photograph. The ramp for traffic entering the Pike eastbound gave me another spectacular location. Here I was shooting parallel to the Pike looking eastbound into the rising sun. In addition a vernal pool provided mist when the temperature conditions were right. The image to the right, Spring Sunrise I (0037) is the most spectacular. As I climbed from the level of the Pike to the elevated point where the photograph was made I could see the mist rising and I knew I had been given a gift and my job was not to fail making the photographs. I worked for about 45 minutes, shooting as rapidly as I could for the mist was billowing and changed every second. Out of perhaps 20 good 4" x 5" transparencies, the mist was perfect in just two.

I found good parking conditions with my car off the highway breakdown lane and visited over and over again. However, one could never predict exactly what would be happening. It could be a warm clear spring morning, a rainy foggy morning or there could be an ice storm. I went to this overlook several times each spring for 10 years.

A few of the photographs are in the gallery Spring on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

The fall image below seems rather extraordinary to me. The photograph was taken from the exact same location as Spring Sunrise I except it was in the fall and I had turned 180° and was looking west. The image is of the trees inside the circular island of the exit ramp. It seems extraordinary that two such images could be made from the same location on an Interstate highway.

Spring Sunrise I

Spring Sunrise I

Interstate Highway 90, Millbury, Massachusetts, May 1983, cat. JW 0037

View looking west.

The camera swung slightly west showing the Turnpike.

Satellite view of the Exit 11 interchange.

Exit 11 with circle and arrowhead Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 2 46 18 PM

Fall view from the same point

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