North To Maine

A New New England

I delayed until 1986, five years after the first Pike images, I expect because I had no appreciation of what I would find and that it was an eight hour drive before I reached my first destination, Acadia National Park which turned out to be a wonderland. The proximatity of mountainous terrain near the ocean along with New Enland’s wide variety of flora, was an environment I found nowhere else. Thoreau traveled there several times and was particularly fond of Mt. Kahtadin in Baxter State Park.

There were other surprises. On my first drive to Acadia from Bangor on Interstate 95 I found a field of rainbows I knew nothing about. Surprisely they were wild blueberries, some 35,000 acres of them with 10,000 or so acres cultivate and harvested. I loved photographing them as you will see in the gallery Fields.

Other surprises were Upper Hadlock Pond, Ship’s Harbor Nature Trail, and the northern entrance of Baxter State Park.

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