RGB 75 NOISE 08 -150 brightness +noise + blurn dark (1)

Decades ago prints like these were called “posters.” In place of expensive photographic prints worth thousands of dollars and hand made in a darkroom, posters were made on commercial printing presses for pennies and sold for $20 or less. Inks were of limited life when exosed to sunlight and we see that today in bluish posters since only the cyan ink layers resisted fading.

These “posters” are printed on my Epson P9000 ink jet printer on Epson Premium Luster Paper exactly the same way as limited edition prints. A print of this size thus would sell for about $400. The price of theese is $75.00

I have chosen to do this since for a limited time to help pay for the new printer and to increase the availability of my work. Ultimately there will be about 30 poster prints in this collection.

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