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There is easily enough material for a book in my 43 years in photography and fine art printing. As time allows I will add more stories to this web site.

But most important to me are the people who have worked with me, made many projects possible that I could not have done alone and took on the most difficult tasks while I wandered with my camera.

In 1984 while I was working for Bose 1/2 time (and managing the introduction of one of their singular products), I had my first exhibit of dye transfer prints at a photography lab on Route 128 outside of Boston. During the exhibit Michael  Conrad, one of the lab technicians, asked me if I needed help, which I definitely did. Michael worked along side of me for 25 years and took on many difficult projects. This body of work would not exist without him nor crucially the sale of prints in the lower seven figures which he helped achieve. Michael made 32" x 40" dye transfer prints which I think is unique among independent photographers. Then there is the long and I think extraordinary story of conversion to digital and trying to find a substitute for dye transfer printing. Michael and I worked together for two years on one experimental process that ultimately failed. That led to my becoming CEO of EverColor Fine Art which had adapted Agfa Proof to fine art prints. It took me three years to realize there were faults in the process that could not be overcome. Then Agfa ceased making materials for the process.

Michel's sister, Rose Morticelli, administered our sales and kept the operation running smoothly (without a smoothly running boss). She kept our operation running for many years and, like her brother, sacrificed much in the course of doing her job.

Mark Waters who took on many critical tasks especially retouching dye transfer prints.

Mark Doyle who played a major roll in our adventure when we became EverColor Fine Art. A group of angel investors had purchased my company to exploit a pigment transfer process that lasted until Agfa stopped making EverColor materials. That is a long story yet to be told. Mark today operates Autumn Color Digital Imaging servicing many of the best known photographers working today.

Joseph Holmes, a dear friend of many years, a superb photographer with technical acumen that is astonishing even to an MIT grad. He has taught me much and continues to do so. 

Stephen Gersh, who gave me my one crucial lesson in how to see.

And on the business side, Joseph French and Yancy Richardson who made the connections that led to sales. This whole effort would not have succeeded without them.

Most important is my wife, Susan Ziegler, who for the last 27 years has kept my odd, difficult and often fragile ego together with love and extraordinary wisdom.

With deepest thanks to all.

—John Wawrzonek, July 5, 2017.

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