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Walking was created at the suggestion of the Nature Company. It contains an edited version of Thoreau's wonderful text "Walking. 7 printings.


The Illuminated Walden began, as did almost everything I have done, more or less by accident.

My wife, Susan Ziegler, was working for the parks department of Massachusetts and one of her colleagues suggested I visit Walden Pond, which I did in the spring of 1991.

What I found was as unexpected as everything else, especially a place called Wyman's Meadow about twenty feet from the path that surrounds the pond, just off the "beaten path" if you will.

I returned often for 11 years, until 2002. In the meantime, an anniversary related to Thoreau was coming up and Barnes & Noble was interested in a book.

There are 65 photographs and substantial excerpts chosen by the then president of the Thoreau Society, Ron Bosco. Two printings.

Feature articles

“Pike Pictures,” New England Monthly, October 1985

“Timeless River,” New England Monthly, April 1986

“The Infinite Palette,” Country Journal, December 1988

“Dye Transfer Lives,” The British Journal of Photography, August 28, 1987

Hemispheres Magazine (United Air Lines), September 1993

“Walking,” Walking Magazine, September 1993 Orion Magazine, Fall 1993

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