I LEFT MIT IN 1967 ONE DISSERTATION SHORT OF A PhD with Professor Amar Bose as my faculty advisor. Dr. Bose offered me a job with the nascent Bose Corporation. I became the fifth employee of Bose Corporation working on a contract for NASA for motor drive systems for moon buggies and also in change of quality control and design of new Bose speakers. In 1974 I moved from engineering to marketing, product management and advertising. I also purchased my first 4" x 5" view camera.

  first from the tops of mountains with extraordinary vistas, but devoid of emotion. I explored for 7 years when in 1981 while driving in rush hour traffic on the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) I saw the image below, a maple swamp with trees just coming into bud. The view was of a valley  and it was about two feet from the breakdown lane on the  Turnpike. The roadway, elevated over the floor of the of the forest put me at the level of the tree canopy yet close to it, something almost impossible to find. The image was of silver branches with the young buds providing a layer of subtle color that suggested pointillism. The image illicited a reaction in me that to this day underlies my idea of what nature is and what had been hidden from me.

Photographing with a view camera on a busy interstate highway seemed ludicrous at the time, but after driving around I realized there was no alternative. Fortunately there was a place to get my car off the highway a few hundred feet away from where I needed to place my camera. I walked along the narrow ridge until I came to the center of the overlook. I had to fully extend the front leg of my tripod to accommodate the rapid drop off.

In the following days and weeks I had many discussions with the Turnpike police and finally signed a release form at the offices of the Turnpike authority. I never had to show it. Assuring the police I had permission was enough. I remember vividly one encounter with a trooper. With my camera positioned over this valley and he standing virtually next to me: "What are you doing?" "Taking a picture?" "Of what?" "The trees." No comment or reaction from the policeman.

I photographed from this location and another further west in Millbury for over 10 years. A few of the images are in the first gallery: Spring on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

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