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Seeing, Not Seeing, Seeing Differently

I wonder how it work’s for the masters.

I found a perch fairly high up on the Ledges Trail at the northern entrance of Baxter State Park in Maine. There was a high mountain lake off in the distance and I must have made a dozen photographs on 4" x 5" film at three bucks a pop. They were all the same, and none was worth a glance. I had been hooked by the idea of the lake, not on how it looked.

There have been more fortunate lookings. The idea I formed of what the image was that I was looking at again was wrong, except decades later I looked at the four by five and loved what I saw.

I am thinking that this might be worth talking about (ink is free here).

There seem to be two kinds of people occupying the ends of a spectrum. Those that see what is there and those that see what they want to see. Same goes for hearing.

D. Trump drops a trail of crumbs of promises wherever he goes. All the right flavors for those that will find them. Then he drops a whole set of opposite flavors. First group ignores the second set. Second group ignores the first set. It is likely he won’t do either but both have been sucker punched.

The consequences are beyond appalling. The virus may take years to go away and we could hit 500,000+ dead.


Love the Virus. DT Does.

At least that is an explanation since there are no explanations. I just call him EMPTY. There is nothing there and he knows it. Nothing to give, no ability to understand an explanation of anything. So everything is fake or beautiful. NO CONTENT.

If somebody had told me I would be running out the clock with DT and global warming and a G.O.P. that had dissolved itself in sulphuric acid mud. Ha! Try to think of something to say.

I am insanely grateful for what I have or have had. For Susan and Greg. For Mom and Dad. For Music. For Friends and Teachers. For Dr. Bose. For Andy and Bob and David and Roland and hundreds of other people and things.

I have become insanely admiring of the cosmos for its having been created and for what it has created.

I looked up “sentience” yesterday. It is the entirety of what you are “experiencing” and I think the consensus was that we don’t understand it and never will.

But there is a bigger question.

In all my readings of science, philosophy, cosmology there is no mention of joy or beauty. Jim Holt gives a TED TALK which he had to get a kick out of and shrugs his shoulders at the end. He gave a beautiful talk (and I read his book): “Why is there something rather than nothing?” Yeh! Why?

And so I have the balls to raise my hand and say “I know!” Could the IDEAS of beauty and joy exist without a universe to exist in? I am proposing that they could and that they do wherever or whenever there is no universe and that these IDEAS for which there are no particles or fields do interact and will do so for eternity and have always been there. And that is my idea of what is what.

Your job and my job is to create them. That is everyone’s job only some know it and some don’t. And that’s the way it is.

Goodnight Walter.

BTW These are water-shields at Wyman’s Meadow a few feet from Walden Pond. It IS a chrome I overlooked, taken I think in the 1990s. It would probably be called Dew Drops and Water-shields VII but I was happy to see it again after all these years. I can print it 40" x 60" and you can see every drop. It IS beautiful and under the sadness I do feel joy that I went back there year after year. Great surprises. And it was beautiful whether I was there or not.

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