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Light For A Song

Pictures of and from musical instruments

In the mid-1990s Bose asked us to make pictures of musical instruments for their stores. I was not equipped with the necessary studio lighting so I contracted with photographer Doug Saglio whose studio was directly above our gallery to photograph several instruments. I consider the french horn the most beautiful instrument in the orchestra and we including several others including a saxophone. Later I added my own piano which was of particularly attractive design.

Original French Horn by Doug Saglio
French Horn by Doug Saglio I

We had formed a printing company, EverColor® Fine Art to try to find a substitute for dye transfer, the Belgiam ppoooppk ................5 er

The instrument were beautifuly photogrphed.

Reeds, Blue Water and Water Lilies

Reeds, Blue Water and Water Lilies

Upper Hadlock Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine, circa 1987, JW 8601

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