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For Today

What are you trying to do? Save the world? Well, yes. Why?

Good Question!!

Both my fathers, Joseph Wawrzonek and Prof. Amar G. Bose left me with the impression that nothing was impossible. And one or both of them left me with a feeling of nothing was quite enough.

So my reading is now of various speculations about the nature of existance. In my 80th year on December 6, 2020 I am deciding that I have done more than enough. More than some less than others. Whenever the white blood cells take over or whatever, I am pleased to leave behind (almost wrote proud) a wife, son and grandaughter I love more than I can say. And some photographs which is obviously what prompted this web site.

I keep trying to put myself into a place in the universe and finally decided it is not up to me. I am already there.

I think it is true that I desperately want viewers to see something worthwhile in my work, but I also want to walk away peacefully no matter what anyone sees. That lesson for some reason has taken almost 80 years to learn. Susan has always known it.

So what is the lesson? Put myself in my viewers shoes and enjoy them if I can, and if not, move on.

There is a heap of work left. Some I really want to get done (fix the typos, i.d. the photographs). The rest is for...who knows. I am just another grown up sperm and cell, some nuture and nature, some pain, some fun, mounds of love and satisfaction and a yearning to do more, which I will, but only a little compared to what I thought yesterday.

I thought I would put my best landscape photo up here, but there is no such thing. So how about these. Truly life as life should be, is what I feel.

One more thing. Of course.

In 1995 or so I began working with french horns and saxophones at the suggestion of someone at Bose. The picture that came from that is Susan’s favorite. I retured to that work a decade or so later on a differet track although Susan suggested the name. It is called a Contadance. So far, there has always been one more thing.

Yes. Another one. I spent two full years of 12 hour days on trying to save the earth and humanity. I gave up. But there are thousands of images none of which I took, plus a few graphs I made. It has defined the last few years, and although it is out of reach, I have gathered a couple of hundred to remind us of where and who we are. The cosmos is included for I have always wanted to begin at the beginning, although the speed of light reaches back only to about one billionth of the age of the universe.

And another thought that has haunted me.

Gratitude. Ours. For all the work to create this cosmos and the few occupants we know, we treat it and and most of them as if they were worth one divided by infinity.


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