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The Hidden World of the Nearby

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A digital carving. An illuminating imagination.


Each image will link you to a gallery, and each gallery is the expression of a single instrument: French Horn, Saxophone or Piano.

But how can it be, from a saxophone comes a “contradance,” from a single stright picture, and no cutting into pieces.

Scientist would call it an “emergent phenoma,” something new is born from what already exists.

Well, you say, that is what a wood carver does. And I say, yes a little bit but my tool kit is very large and it stimulates my imagination and I can experiment which means I can undo as well as do.

The result is printed just as photograph would be, but a just a bit better on the best printer and the best paper the famous French papermaker, Canson, can make. And they will never fade, from sunlight or from your memory.


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French Horns


A Rather Odd Band

Contradances for 16 Saxophones with Ostinato

Sassy Saxophones

Sax Oddities


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