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Life ~ Art ~ Why

Sentience ~ Joy ~ Reciprocity ~ Beauty

They are big words, and that is partly why. They are words that I learned were conneted by my work "the hidden world of the nearby." They are so close to us we don‘t realize they are there.

I learned long ago in a physics class of all places, that hidden in the simplest idea there may be the most profound principles of science. Albert Einsten figured out relativity by asking such a simple question: what does it mean for two things to happen at the same time when they are moving fast. And after much (very much) hard thing came the theory of relativity and one of the two most incredible series of scientific discovery of all time. (The other was Issac Newton, but that is a story for another time.)

Reciprocity. How often have you said it. How often the word scentiance. They are both keys to the greatest miracles in the universe. But we rarely hear them.

This web site started as inanothersshoes.com.

Reciprocity is to put yourself in another’s shoes. One of the easiest and hardest things in the world to do, especially when you hate the other person.

There is much about humans we are never taught and it stops us from experiencing joy, the most important feeling in life.

The second word, sentience means to experience and without minds that can experience, joy would not exist. Experiencing joy. Have you ever heard a politician or presidential candidate say it. Have you heard anyone say it that you can remenber. Let’s mull over experience first and then go back to reciprocity.

The Joy of Scientience

Eyes open and no ear plugs

Sentience. Click and you will find it in Wikipedia. It means “to exxperience.” Without it we are not alive, or human. Without it we are deaf and blind and nunb. Right now wherever you are, whatever you are doing there are two snall images on your retinas, and your ear drums are vibrating and you experience sight and sound. How your mind does it we don’t know.

Those two little images tell us everything about the place where we are. Every color, shape, texture, movement, size distance and even more surprising, we know where things are. We know that if we reach out we will feel the table, or the hand, or water all because of our two eyes. And in three dimensions. And when we turn our heads everything stays where it should be. Ponder this. Close your eyes for a minute or so and think about how opening them creates seeing.

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